Friday, 30 September 2011

Sweet bag samples

Hello I'm back again, with my sweet bags samples for my craft studio pick of the week. I just loved making this one as this was my fist one I've ever made and i really loved the colours, I  think they went really well together.
                     Here's a close up of the top part of the bag before i put the bag together.

Here's another sweet bag that i made for a girl. Again i just loved making this i think ill be making some for Christmas for family too.
  This is a close up of the girl bag before i put it together. Its lucky they got made as my daughter wanted to eat the sweets inside but i said no as you can guess. Thank you for looking at some of my samples and i hope you all will love the shows this week the Cd's are just a must have.  
Have a lovely eavning all.
Gemma x                                                                                                 

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  1. Gemma, these bags are just fabulous what a brilliant idea they are:) Sandra H